Our Story

From a long family tradition of peasants

Our olive trees and vineyards are behind the certified organic production of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil lgp and Vino Montecucco Rosso Doc.

As well as salvaging the abandoned plants around the family farm, Fausto invested in researching native clones of traditional rootstock’s and centenarian olive trees.

In 2005, Davide joins Poderi Borselli after extensive research on olive and vine cultivation techniques at the Department of Agriculture at Pisa University and marketing in Parma. This leads to a growing awareness of nature and the environment, one able to meet the most selective organic certifications and the bio-dynamic courses at Apab Florence. Above all, with added technical expertise thanks to the new power generated thanks to olive pits (residues from the mill) and olive wood (from the pruning). From 2009, a 20-kW photo-voltaic plant was built, the first in the Castel del Piano municipality.

Subsequently, the oil extraction plant was renovated, using the latest generation machinery with high water savings and total absence of oxygen, in collaboration with technicians from the University of Florence and the Agrivision company.

The same happens for the wine-making, with very delicate presses for extracting the must being implemented, along with dry ice for the fermentations and oak tonneau for vinifying and ageing the wines.
Everything must be as natural as possible, with natural sedimentations, spontaneous fermentation and minimal additions of SO2, even during particularly difficult years.

Little by little, these small steps bring a strong and long-standing impact. Since 2011, we are the first producers of DOP Seggiano oil, both for ourselves as well as on behalf of third parties.