The human value

Like a big family

We strongly believe in our company's human values

The love we put into our products is all thanks to the individual passion we hold for our work.

Davide Borselli
the heart

Born and raised in this very farm. Young agricultural entrepreneur with a burning passion for cultivating olive groves and vineyards. Combining long-standing experience in the wine and olive oil world with a Marketing degree. A union of values contributing to the company's growth.

Maura Baldi
the mind

Known as the Baldi, the mastermind with a dazzling imagination, creating and putting on beautiful events!

Letizia Bindi

The warm welcome to our farm to discover how and where our wines and organic oils are born.

Paolo Zamperini
production and quality control

If our products are always impeccable, meeting their full, qualitatively perfect , potential, it is down to this man.

Akinfala Odunayo
cultivation and pruning

Specialized in pruning and cultivation of olives and vines. A force of nature and always ready to tackle any job in the field. The centenarian oleasters and young leccinos dotted all around the company are his creations.

Elena Chiappini
the chef

In charge of the vital, final step. The local recipes are imbued with a new force and added touch of delicious joy when under her hands.